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A better world, 
is a world with zero-carbon shipments 

A better world, 
is a world with zero-carbon shipments

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Our journey towards a better world

The global logistics and transportation industry is responsible for over a third of the CO2e emissions worldwide, which makes it the biggest source of pollution in many developed countries. In order to combat climate change, the transportation industry needs to take action to reduce emissions today. However, the opportunities to transport your cargo in a carbon-neutral way remain limited. That's where we come in.


We put the power of sustainable shipping into the hands of cargo owners and freight forwarders by providing the world’s first insetting service to reduce scope 3 emissions within the transport sector. 


This is how it works.


Reduce your Scope 3 emissions in 3 simple steps

Measure & Scope
First, we’ll help you calculate your CO2e emissions from shipping. Then, based on your sustainable ambitions and available budget, we can determine the desired emission reduction together.
Flawless Fuel Switch
We facilitate a fuel switch, meaning the volume of sustainable biofuel that reduces your emissions will be fueled into a carrier that would have normally burned fossil fuel. This creates impact thanks to the mass balance principle. 
Secured Certification
We provide an official CO2e reduction certificate stating the exact emission reductionimpact from the fuel switch. This is based on industry standards and verified by independent auditors. 

Together we decarbonise the shipping industry


Our mission
We accelerate the transition to carbon-neutral shipping by empowering companies to decarbonise their supply chain. We achieve this by reducing emissions through carbon insetting. Together, we change the industry.
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Curious to find out how much impact you can make?

Every company can reduce with carbon insetting, regardless of freight volume, location, trade routes, logistical partners, or existing cargo contracts. 

Check out our calculation tool to get an indication of how many shipping emissions you generate and what kind of impact you can make.  


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