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International shipping is a large source of greenhouse gas emissions. These emissions are projected to increase significantly if mitigation measures are not implemented swiftly. Urgent climate action is needed. As we ask world leaders to impose more ambitious climate policies at UN Climate Conference COP26, we are inviting you to start taking action today! Join Ship to Zero and start decarbonising now.

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Together with GoodShipping pioneers, send a signal to the industry!
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Need more convincing? 
Here’s 3 reasons to start

Concrete action
Concrete action
Demonstrate concrete action towards carbon neutrality now.
Long-term potential
A potential long-term partnership on your decarbonisation journey.
Get acquainted
Experience decarbonisation for a one-off, special price with limited availability on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.
Joining the Ship to Zero campaign has multiple benefits

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Mentions in campaign communications
In addition to getting your own branded container on the ship in our campaign visual, your company will be promoted as a participant on the landing page and in campaign communication.
Press Release mention & Marketing Kit

Your company will be mentioned as a campaign supporter in the campaign press release. You will also be given access to a marketing kit to share your participation internally and externally.




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Externally verified CO₂-reduction for a one-off special price.




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