BMW Group

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BMW Group: our first RoRo bunkering

When BMW Group approached us to discuss a potential collaboration around reducing transport emissions, it was clear they didn’t just simply want to reduce their carbon footprint. Their sustainability team was looking for a long-term, more structural solution for the transport sector. That’s why we included BMW Group in an existing collaboration with UECC (one of BMW’s transport partners), to continue to test marine Bio Fuel Oil (BFO) on UECC’s ‘roll on, roll off’ (ro-ro) car carrying vessels. BMW Group joined UECC and GoodShipping in the previously announced trial, where BFO was being tested on UECC’s 140m, 2,080-vehicle carrier M/V Autosky. By covering the fuel premium for a biofuel volume corresponding to BMW Group’s freight that will be shipped on the Autosky during the trial period, BMW Group was able to claim a COemission reduction of 80 to 90% for these shipments, totalling more than 400 tonnes of carbon.



Why today is a good day to start with biofuel?

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