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Kintetsu World Express Commits to Decarbonising Ocean Freight

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GoodShipping is proud to announce Kintetsu World Express (KWE) as their new partner. KWE celebrates a significant milestone in their journey towards sustainable shipping. As a Global Brand Born in Japan, they are committed to providing sustainable transport solutions to their customers around the world. This allows them to reduce their carbon footprint and to meet mutual decarbonisation targets.  

A Decarbonisation Journey 

By partnering with GoodShipping, the market leader focused on decarbonisation in the container shipping industry, KWE is pioneering the reduction of CO2e emissions produced by ocean transportation. This move involves the adoption of Sustainable Marine Fuels (SMF) as a cleaner alternative to conventional fossil oil, by an innovative concept called insetting. SMF is derived from sustainable sources like waste cooking oil and various other waste and residue materials. Unlike conventional fossil fuels, SMF releases existing carbon into the atmosphere, rather than introducing new carbon emissions. 


By opting for SMF via insetting, KWE’s customers enjoy a dual benefit. They not only ensure the secure delivery of their goods but also actively contribute to a substantial reduction of CO2 emissions by a minimum of 75%. This significant reduction has a direct impact on lowering scope 3 emissions from transportation 


Frederik van de Ven, KWE Director of Group Sustainability Division: “The partnership with GoodShipping is an important step in our ambitious sustainability roadmap and shows our commitment to reach our target of zero emissions by 2050. SMF has a lot of potential to reduce CO2 emissions and we encourage our customers and industry colleagues to join us in making sustainable choices available”. 


"We are thrilled to welcome KWE. This partnership is a significant step towards our shared green goals. KWE leads the way in reducing carbon emissions in logistics via insetting, and we look forward to a mutually beneficial collaboration, advancing sustainability worldwide," says Robbert Werhmeijer, Managing Director FincoEnergies Carbon Management, about the collaboration. 

A Collaborative Journey 

As part of their ongoing commitment, KWE is actively planning to increase the number of shipments using SMF via insetting. We invite industry stakeholders and potential partners to join us on this collaborative path towards a better future. Together we can make the shipping industry more sustainable! 

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