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In 2017 Tony’s Chocolonely, chocolate maker on a mission, became GoodShipping’s launching customer and first ‘impact partner in crime’. Tony’s expanded into the US market, which meant they had started shipping their slave-free (and delicious!) chocolate bars to New York. By joining GoodShipping and connecting their exported chocolate bars to our program, Tony’s made sure their freight shipments to the US turned carbon friendly. And not only that, they enabled us to proof our concept and make actual real impact.


Since our joint launch, Tony’s and GoodShipping have scaled up together and increased the impact we’re making. By now, Tony’s has connected 100% of their ocean freight volumes to our program, meaning they can now claim all their ocean shipments (import and export) are decarbonised through sustainable marine biofuels.


Why today is a good day to start with biofuel?

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